Reviews and Testimonials

Mark Lomas

The best activity we did in San Francisco

We don’t really like organized tours so this was something we wouldn’t have usually booked but it sounded interesting and the positive reviews convinced us; we were so glad we did it! Nick is really passionate about San Francisco and has some great tidbits of knowledge about the city. We went to neighbourhoods we would never have been to if we hadn’t been on the tour. The stops along the way were really interesting and the food was great too.  The group size was small (only 6 in ours) so really intimate and the bikes are awesome too. Would absolutely recommend!

London, UK
Jun, 2020

Geoff Law

I got to see a part of SF I’d never seen before

What a wonderful and original experience! I got to see a part of SF I’d never seen before through the eyes of someone who could reveal hidden layers I’d never have seen on my own. Nick is the most passionate and knowledgeable host – thank you!

Mill Valley, California
Jun, 2019

Chelsea Codi

If I could give 10 stars I would

Probably our favorite thing we did in San Francisco- going at our own pace, with everything perfectly mapped made for a delightful ride. We saw many of the classic sights, including the completely beautiful path to the Golden Gate Bridge.  what we loved too were the little neighborhood finds we probably wouldn’t have learned about otherwise- not only on the tour but Nick, the owner of Dandyhorse, gave us dozens of other recs, taking time to draw on a map and describe why he loves those spots. We took several of them and doing so made our trip SO MUCH BETTER. . Thank you Nick!

Austin, Texas
Dec, 2019

Emma Rao

Quirky places, amazing food, stunning street art, and incredible views!

This self-guided bike tour was a fantastic way to explore the best of the Mission district and other cool neighborhoods – I would never have discovered the quirky places, amazing food, stunning street art or learned about the history of the place without Dandyhorse’s guidance. Plus we got to catch some incredible views along the way! Can’t recommend highly enough.

Palo Alto, California
Jun, 2020

Adrian Muller

Simply the best bike tour I have done

I don’t usually write reviews. But I have to to for this experience. The Essential SF Bike Tour was simply fantastic. Nick was a superb host who went out of his way to make sure that everyone had a wonderful time. It was a great way to see San Francisco and Nick’s knowledge of the city was first rate and presented in an interesting way. The bikes were comfortable and really well maintained. Thanks so much Nick – I would do another tour in a heartbeat!

Melbourne, Australia
Jun, 2020

Melanie Anderson

Extremely personable, vivid storyteller, & accommodating to all levels of riders

Go on this tour. You will finish it wanting an audio recording of all of the historical, cultural, architectural, and community knowledge that Nick shares with the group. He was extremely personable, a vivid storyteller, and accommodating to all levels of bike riders. It was superb. Way to go, Nick.

Chicago, Illinois
Dec, 2018

Tamara Taylor

Support local and support those who have passion for what they do.

Nick was definitely a surprise and delight type of business owner. TOP DOWN service, well thought out route, reasonably priced, felt safe the ENTIRE time, bikes were flawless, we had a slight hiccup on a unavoidable flat and he handled it like a champ! Our tour felt so customized and the entire day made our trip. Not only did he not disappoint, he took it beyond what we would have expected.

His personality is hilarious, he’s smiling ear to ear in all of our candid pictures, he is animated, descriptive and knows all the best areas. He has the best suggestions, great stopping places and the backstory of San Fran WITH illustrations. I think we knew immediately we were going to have a blast when we saw how clean and classy his shop is, and he was a joy from the second we called in inquiring about the tour. THIS is a true business owner. Support local and support those who have passion for what they do. Nick absolutely does.

San Diego, California
Dec, 2018

Laura and Darren Porter

Worth. Every. Penny… and then some!

Our bike tour with Nick was by far and away the most fun, informative and unique experience we’ve had in San Francisco. His engaging style and fantastic historical and current day context made this ride one we will not soon forget. Thank you Nick for your passion and energy… we will be back

Sonoma, California
Jun, 2020

Shruti Ramesh

We live in SF, but we saw the city in a fresh new way!

Even though we live in San Francisco we saw parts of the city we hadn’t explored before. This is a great way to spend an afternoon and get a fresh local’s perspective of SF and discover new places. 

San Francisco
Mar, 2020

Omar Abouel

The independent and authentic bike tour company!

Happy I made the right choice of picking the smaller, human scale and authentic company run by the very passionate Nick. I’m sure this will soon be the more popular bike tour option, get in now. We saw so many diverse hoods and parks and learned tons about current culture, movements and the right amount of history. He never lost a second of enthusiasm during the entire five hours which I was in awe of.

Quebec, Canada
Aug, 2019

Cristina Papelli

Such an amazing route… truly a highlight of my time in SF

Nick is an amazing bike tour guide. First, you will be on one of his custom-made bikes that feels like something you would have bought for yourself. No cheap mass produced bikes here. Nick has gone to extraordinary lengths to keep the tour route accessible and on designated bike infrastructure (think safety). It probably took months for him to pick such an amazing route. And then there is the route itself – through SOMA, the Mission, Castro, Lower Haight, Haight-Ashbury, and the east side of the Golden Gate Park. We had lunch in Alamo Square Park, rode by the Conservatory of Flowers, and went up the de Young Museum Tower for a panoramic view. I can’t say enough good things about this tour. It was truly a highlight of my time in SF. Thank you Nick.

Calgary, Canada
Apr, 2019

Melissa Ortiz

A rare perspective of the city and with some amazing views

This was an incredible experience! Such a rare perspective of the city and with some amazing views. The food was especially tasty, it was nice getting little snacks along the way. Nick was great, kind, welcoming and over all amazing at telling about the history of San Fran! There was many photo opportunities as well which I loved. I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND this experience and would very much like to comeback to this wonderful bike ride next time I come up to the city.

San Jose, California
Mar, 2020

Kate Gattnar

A small-time operator who really cares about your experience

We had a great time on Nick’s Night Cycle Food Tour – he’s a great guide! There were a range of bikes to choose from, all of great quality which he adjusted to ensure a comfy ride for everyone. Nick brought us to parts of the city we would never have explored on our own, and his personality really gelled the group – it was great fun, a highlight of our trip.  He also gave us a print out of recommended places to explore in all the districts which was an invaluable resource in the days after the cycle – so do this activity early in your trip! Also Nick is a small-time operator who really cares about the experience you have – so support him rather than the bigger generic tour companies!

Berlin, Germany
Jul, 2019

Stacy Ross

Amazing way to see, learn, and be outside in a beautiful city!

Dandyhorse was amazing! I went on the tour solo as my husband was at a conference. Nick, made me feel welcome right away. He had my bike handpicked prior to arrival and spent time before I left reviewing SF history and what I’d see all the way. They route included enough scenic stops, views, and neighborhoods to really get a feel for the city. I loved the lunch/picnic in Golden Gate Park! It was a great day all around. I highly recommend it as a must do whether you are visiting SF for the first time or you have lived there for years!!

New York City
Nov, 2019

Susan and Mark Greenwood

Far and away the best bike tour guide we’ve ever had!

We’ve done many bike tours both domestically and internationally, and Nick was far and away the best bike tour guide we’ve ever had!!! His passion for San Francisco as well as his knowledge of history and interesting tidbits of information kept us thoroughly entertained throughout the trip. His service is top notch from the expert bike fitting and his careful attention to detail making sure we were all comfortable safe and enjoying ourselves. We had a spectacular dry sunny day so every stop was a wonderful photo opportunity. He was generous with his time his recommendations and willingness to help now and in the future. Highly recommend!!!

Minneapolis, Minnesota
Sep, 2019

David Pugh

Nick was a fantastic guide…he was BORN for this!

Nick was a fantastic guide for our bike tour!!! It seemed as though he was BORN for this! I went into the experience with low expectations and some trepidation about how long the bike ride would be and my abilities to navigate the mean streets (kidding) of San Francisco. However, Nick took care of everything, made the trip fly by with his sense of humor, knowledge and experience of the city and its rich history and architecture. I felt the cost was perfect for what was provided and I would recommend this to ANYONE! THANK YOU NICK!!!!

New York City
Jun, 2020

Susan and Stephen Labrum

the most fun thing we have done in San Francisco EVER

We have spent 3 full weeks in San Francisco over the past 3 years. When we are on vacation, we like to be super active and do lots of things. This without a doubt is our most favorite thing we have done on any of our visits. We have done segways, gone to Alcatraz, visited Muir Woods, and hit most of the museums. We’ve even gone with several different tour companies. This was the most fun thing we have done in San Francisco EVER. Truly most important was our tour guide. Nick was so informative, kind, helpful, educational, and fun. We absolutely loved learning about the city, and seeing so much of it. We aren’t bike riders, so we were reluctant about the distance. We did great and rode the Golden Gate Bridge which was totally worth it and fun. I could simply write about this for days. We loved it that much. 

Park City, Utah
Apr, 2019

Amey Corson

I live in the Bay Area and discovered hidden treasures

Nick was a world-class tour guide! I truly felt like I was on a bike ride with friends in a magical city. I live in the Bay Area and discovered hidden treasures I would have never known about if it weren’t for Nick’s expertise!

Oakland, California
Oct, 2019

Ikram Minsori

I’m a local and I learned so much!

Nick is an amazing host and tour guide. I am a local and I’ve learned so much during this wonderful bike ride than I did all these years. I especially enjoyed all of our food stops.

San Francisco
Dec, 2018

Susan Plunis

A tour that we’ll remember and rave about for years to come

Wow. This was a fantastic way of really seeing the neighborhoods of SF. With so many choices of bike tour companies, I did my research and it really paid off. Dandyhorse has a really well planned and thoughtful tours. As you travel through neighborhoods Nick (the owner operator and guide) gives you a feel for the history, the architecture, the food and the people. There were several stops so that you can explore the neighborhood with food samplings from local shops. We had lunch in Alamo Square Park overlooking the famous Painted Ladies. The day went very quickly and yes you can ride in SF. This is a tour that we will be remembering and raving about for years to come.

New Haven, Connecticut
Aug, 2019

Sara Murinich

Can’t recommend enough! Make the Most of your SF visit!

This was my favorite thing we did on our brief visit to San Francisco. I’ve been on 5 bike tours before this in other cities and can say that Nick is the best tour guide I’ve ever had. His enthusiasm and knowledge of SF’s history was impactful and enlightening. It’s a great way to get your bearings in this sprawling city if you are staying a while OR if your trip is short (like ours) it’s a great way to see all the famed neighborhoods and get a sense for their unique flavors. The biking is not arduous even though SF is very hilly and the bike lanes are all new; overall very safe experience. The length of time is appropriate for sure as there is so much to see. Also, after the tour was over, Nick spent time with each of his guests offering recommendations on where to go next–he even hand wrote out places on his already chalk-full preprinted recommendation list of where to go in various neighborhoods. Great guy, great tour! Keep it up Nick!

Nashville, Tennessee
Feb, 2020

JD Lexington

I’ve visited SF 25x and plenty on this tour was completely new to me

There are plenty of bike tour companies in SF, but nothing like Dandyhorse. It’s the lovingly personal creation of Nick Hormuth, who is both a bike nerd and a San Francisco nerd. Nick is California-earnest and outgoing–conceivably too much for some, but this crusty New Englander at least found him charming. (He used to be a first-grade teacher, which is easy to imagine.) The unique quirks begin with the bikes, which Nick builds himself. They’re benign mechanical Frankensteins with frames, suspensions, tires, handlebars, brakes, and gears mixed and matched from different kinds of machines to create *exactly* the right bikes for touring San Francisco. They continue with the destinations, which include some standard must-sees but also odd corners and shops you’ve never heard of but that Nick thinks (rightly) are really, really cool. I’ve probably visited San Francisco 25 times, and there was plenty on this tour that was completely new to me. While it lasts four or five hours and covers about 15 miles (San Francisco miles, at that) it’s not physically taxing. Total couch potatoes might strain, but Nick has a knack for finding the flattest route between two points and if you do any exercise at all you’ll be just fine. Highly recommended.

Boston, Massachusetts
Oct, 2018

Inês and Cyrille Neary

Best way to see San Francisco in 1 day!

We had a great time seeing San Francisco on our self-guided adventure. All the details and unique insights into the city really made our day. The bike route is beautiful, has incredible views, while going through several of the best landmarks in the city, and riding the Golden Gate Bridge was so cool. We can only recommend any one looking to see San Francisco to go with Dandyhorse, is 100% worth it! Thanks, we had a blast!

Santa Monica, California
Jun, 2020

Kat Bunnell

Dandyhorse is superb experience and HANDS DOWN MUST DO!

Nick is an amazing tour guide of the local scene & how proud he is of the history & heritage of his beloved city shows through beautifully in his tour. The second you arrive at his shop he has all kinds of books and literature in a short presentation about the history of the city and where you will be going on your tour. Each bike has a unique adorable name especially picked my neck for you. Mine was “Purple Reign” which this adorable play on words thrilled me because I am a huge Prince fan and a girl of the eighties!! The bikes are great quality, again Nick is a fantastic tour guide & he will stop in many great little spots off the beaten track of the tourist traps & grab some great bites along the way. Time flies so quickly you don’t even realize it. Also he has so much knowledge & advice. He shares his email & number with everyone in case they have any questions on their stay which was so super sweet!! We ran into him the next day when we were touring the Castro and he was super eager to say hi and chat with us on where we were going and what we were doing. Great guy & a superb experience!! Don’t miss this one!!!

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Dec, 2019

Dan Shaw

A well-chosen route that both entertained and informed

Everything was perfect—bikes in great condition and suited for a well-chosen route that both entertained and informed. Nick takes a keen interest in everything around him and delivers up a tour that reflects both his personal tastes and a more universal appreciation for interesting things. Very caring about your satisfaction for the tour and the entirety of your visit. It was a great introduction to a diverse and rich community. A great start to any San Fran visit whether students or business people.

Vancouver, B.C.
Jan, 2020

Susie and James Evans

A must-do tour of SF and totally worth every penny!

This is a must-do tour of SF and totally worth every penny! We wouldn’t have explored 10% of what we saw if we’d tried to tour the city on our own. Plus Nick’s insights, stories, history and tips are absolutely priceless. Also the bikes are so good – comfortable, smooth and easy to ride. You’re insane if you come to San Francisco and don’t do this tour!

London, UK
Jun, 2019

Natasha Pitmann

Only a local could put together… Brought the city to life

We had the best time on Danyhorse’s self-guided tour. Fabulous custom built bikes to cycle the beautiful route taking in a plethora of fascinating sights and neighbourhoods that only a local expert could put together.  Dandyhorse has a gift for storytelling and really brought the city to life.  If you only have one day in San Francisco I recommend doing this tour!

Seattle, Washington
Feb, 2020

Tomás de Silva

I always felt safe cycling through the city

Had a great experience whilst cycling with Nick and the rest of the tour members. Nick is extremely knowledgeable and you can tell straight away that he is very passionate about what he does.I always felt safe cycling through the city… which is something unexpected in a  hilly and busy city like San Francisco. Also, the custom built bikes that Nick builds are some of the most comfortable and easy bikes to ride that I have ever been on. Overall an unique experience and a wonderful way to get to know this beautiful and friendly city. Thank you Nick!

Lisbon, Portugal
May, 2019

Sara Murinich

Can’t recommend enough! Make the Most of your SF visit!

This was my favorite thing we did on our brief visit to San Francisco. If I had tried to do this on my own, I would have been lost a million times, missed out on hidden gems, and not learned even a fraction as much fascinating history about the city. It’s a great way to get your bearings in this sprawling city if you are staying a while OR if your trip is short (like ours) it’s a great way to see all the famed neighborhoods and get a sense for their unique flavors. With the electric bikes, it’s not at all arduous even though SF is very hilly and the bike lanes are all new; overall very safe experience. The length of time is appropriate for sure as there is so much to see.

Nashville, Tennessee
Feb, 2020

Luke Taylor

An authentic and epic experience!

Dandyhorse offered such an authentic and epic experience on so many levels… our guide, Nick, possessed so much detail about architecture, history, neighborhoods etc even locals (not on the tour) were commenting on how they learned stuff.  In roughly 5 hours we covered all best neighborhoods and got the ins and outs, you could never get without an experienced guide.We couldn’t have asked for a better experience and such a grand overview in such a condensed amount of time. We fell in love with the city because of Nick. His tour was world class!!

Washington, D.C.
Jun, 2019