Bike Tours during COVID-19

Safety, Innovation, and Community through Bikes

Our Official Covid 19 Response

We’re here to support the adventure ahead with plenty of fresh adventures, imagination, and new possibilities. We believe it’s more important now than ever to re-connect with friends and family and celebrate what makes life so special. When the time is right to get out there, we’re here to help you re-discover the simple, yet indulgent pleasure of biking, good company, and San Francisco.

In the meantime keep being courageous, share your compassion and generosity, and we’ll get through this together.

Be well and until soon,
owner and guide, Dandyhorse

Your health and safety is our top priority


All of our realities have shifted in light of the pandemic and we’re taking extra steps to ensure your wellness, comfort, and peace of mind for all of our guests. Here’s how our policies, processes, and offerings have evolved with the times.

Please note: Dandyhorse’s cleaning and safety procedures exceed relevant Covid-19 guidelines published by the WHO and the CDC. We’re constantly monitoring the situation so we can offer you the safest experience in San Francisco.

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How we clean our bikes

Our bikes are thoroughly cleaned after every ride. This includes power-washing with hot water and fully disinfecting all touchpoints (handlebars, top-tube, grips, saddle, front bike bag, etc) using a 99% isopropyl alcohol solution. This means you get the most sanitary bike in the business, one that is likely dramatically cleaner than your bike at home, without the harmful chemical residues found in products like Lysol.

How we clean our helmets

All helmets are fully cleaned and sterilized using a 99% isopropyl alcohol solution inside and out after every ride. We also regularly wash the pads. Again no harmful chemicals and the cleanest helmets in the business.

Hand sanitizing station

We have that liquid gold! Use our touchless pump if you’re ever concerned about cleaning your hands before or after the tour (we have a sparkingly-clean bathroom too so you can wash up with soap and hot water). Your guide also has a bottle of hand-san should you need a touch-up along the ride.

Shop cleaning procedures

We clean our shop thoroughly every day. This includes disinfecting our iPad check-system after every guest, and property cleaning all surfaces (including tables and seating) after every tour group.

Shop air purification

Breathe easy! Our shop is protected by a HEPA filtration system that continuously filters out 99.95% of the germ, dust, and grime particles in the air.  


Get that extra layer of protection if you need it. We have free, extra-strong gloves for you. Black, latex-free, hypoallergenic, and we have sizes to fit all riders.

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Social Distancing & Our Bike Adventures


Our bike adventures naturally allow for proper social distancing in an open-air environment. Biking naturally allows for a bit more space and a truly expansive, head-clearing experience we all need now. We’ve also debuted a slick wireless system so your expert guide can share awesome insights while giving a little bit more space.

Compared To Other Tour Types

  Our Bike Tours Mini Bus Tour Walking Tour
Self Guided Options Yes No Maybe
Private Options Yes Yes Yes
Small Groups Always Maybe Maybe
Fresh and Open Air Yes No Yes
Easy to maintain 6′ space Yes No Maybe
Good exercise Yes No Maybe
Expansive Experience Yes Yes No
Fun & Adventure Level Maximum Varies Varies

Wireless guide system

On every guided tour you get a superior earpiece speaker so you can hear your guide with crystal clear audio from a comfortable distance. Don’t miss any insightful pieces of San Francisco history and culture as you explore the coolest parts of the city. Note: The system is fully cleaned and disinfected after every use.

Awesome new bike adventure options


We’ve been cooking up some cool, wholly unique ways to explore and fall in love with San Francisco all over again. Geared towards locals, each of our one-a-kind bike tours highlight SF’s most captivating nature, culture, vistas points, and hidden gems. Get inspired and satisfy your desire for a much-need dash of excitement and outdoor adventure.

Electric bike tours

Maximum adventure. Unlimited possibility. More excitement than should be legal...  

Our unforgettable electric bike tours redefine what exploring San Francisco means. Embrace the hills with ease while getting a wholly unique and grand perspective on San Francisco and beyond. Our awesome and super safe custom-built electric bikes will take you where other local food, bike, bus, or walking experiences can only dream of going.

GPS-enabled self-guided tours

Go at your own pace, with your people, while exploring the best and most beautiful parts of San Francisco and beyond. We have cool, self-guided options on electric or traditional bikes, with turn-by-turn GPS directions, that will appeal to every rider. Each adventure features hand-curated stops for the best photo ops, SF’s most delicious food, awesome nature, tons of hidden gems… all on the most scenic and iconic bike routes.

Private tours

Get the most personalized adventure with the comfort of being in a private group of your favorite people led by the best guide in the business. Private tours are also perfect for families with kids. Choose from 6 awesome experiences or let us custom design your dream experience. Electric and traditional bike options.

Electric bike rentals

Chart your own adventure on your own terms. We’re renting our awesome, custom-built electric bikes– easily the finest electric bike rental option in the Bay Area. Join the electric revolution have more fun than you’ve had in a long time.

Booking Policy, Cancellations, Rescheduling and Refunds


We’ve updated our booking policies to be even more inclusive and understanding of the uncertainty of travel and planning in this new era.

Gift cards

Give your friends and famiy and experience they’ll remember for years to come! And have the flexibility to redeem whenever is best for you, our gift cards never expire. We’re here for your next adventure when the time is right.

100% flexible cancellations

We understand how it’s a little bit more difficult to plan these days. That’s why we offer a 100% flexible cancellation policy. Just give us at least 24-hour notice, so we can prepare.

Refund policy

Dandyhorse has a flexible refund policy. Just give us a day’s heads up for a refund. Or support our small business by simply rescheduling to a date and time that works best for you.

A curated insider’s guide to our favorite places to eat, drink, and explore in the city

About Nick Hormuth

Nick is the owner and main tour guide of Dandyhorse Bike Tours. A lifelong San Francisco enthusiast and resident of the Mission District, Nick nerds out on food, bikes, history, and crafting unique adventures.

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