About SF Bike Tours

At SF Bike Tours, we share true insider bike adventures packed with local charm, fresh air, and inspiration. We believe in providing true FOMO*-free explorations of San Francisco’s fascinating history, distinctive neighborhoods, quirky architecture, glorious nature, and irresistible food. Embrace curiosity, celebrate wonder, and get ready to experience more than you thought was possible. YOLO**!

*fear of missing out  **you only live once

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Tour Guide, Bike Builder, and Local Historian

Hi I’m, Nick, the owner at Dandyhorse. I lead all of the bike adventures, lovingly build the bikes, and nerd out on all the details to make the experience special for you. I am a lifelong San Francisco enthusiast and longtime resident who loves exploring the city, it’s best food, fascinating history, gorgeous nature, and epic biking. I’m excited to share my favorite discoveries with you- by bike!

I created Dandyhorse to share something that didn’t exist in SF: authentic, expansive bike adventures  that felt like they were led by a good friend. In short, the kind of cool experience we dream of when traveling. Through years of development I am proud to welcome you on a one-of-a-kind San Francisco adventure you won’t soon forget.

What we share with every guest


 Discover the best of this magical city…
 from longtime local guides who give an inside perspective on SF’s best history, food, subcultures, natural beauties, must-see landmarks and hidden gems.

Designed for locals & curious travelers

All of our adventures are crafted by locals. If you’re a lifetime local, the goal is for you to learn about and experience the City in a fresh, exciting way. They’re also ideal for travelers who want an authentic showcase of local culture. No touristy BS here.

A celebration of SF history & culture

Our roots are in the arts and teaching, so we know the value of lifetime learning. You’ll hear stories about SF landmarks, Victorian architecture, central heroes and villains, destruction, rebirth, and evolution. It all comes to life with our iPad collection of cool historical photos and videos.


You now have a good friend in SF …
 who loves to nerd out on every aspect of the city, knows all the coolest spots to explore, and can’t wait to share their San Francisco favorites with you.

Quality over quantity

 From our workshop space that celebrates SF, to the custom bikes we build , to our expertly-crafted routes, all that we do centers around quality and the little details that make for an extra-special and memorable experience.

‘Best of SF’ food and drinks

We’re equal parts bike nerds, history buffs, and foodies. That’s why we highlight our all time favorite SF restaurants, food trucks, coffee shops, chocolatiers, breweries, and bakeries so you get a full taste of the city on every ride. Download our guide for a list of favorites by neighborhood.


Live your best life on a bike in SF…
not only it’s a sustainable, healthy choice, but we believe it’s hands-down the coolest, most fun way to see, experience, and discover San Francisco like a local.

An epic and accessible ride

Our tours are about fun, freedom, and feeling like a kid again. Our electric bikes make worrying about the SF hills or being able to keep up, history. Our tours share the SF’s finest views, neighborhoods, nature, and landmarks without compromise.

The Finest Bikes

For us, nothing compares to the experience of riding a truly great bike – it’s the closest thing to flying. That’s why we build the best electric tour bikes ever: easy to pedal, extra comfortable, extra safe, and extra capable, our adventure bikes will take you where other bike tours can only dream. 

How we got our start, way way back in ’14

Dandyhorse was born in 2014 out of a love for food, bikes, and adventure. The company originally started as a passion project by Nick Hormuth and Lindy Patterson under the name Pedal Inn, which was a bike camping cookbook funded on Kickstarter.

Soon after the cookbook was published, Nick had the wild idea of bringing the Pedal Inn experience to life by starting the world’s first bike-camping specific tour business. Our first epic overnight adventures to the magical Angel Island in the SF Bay featured incredible food, boundless creativity, and some of the coolest scenery ever offered in an SF tour experience.

In 2016, Nick decided to transition from a longtime career as a teacher to offering tours full time by expanding the business into day tours, and Dandyhorse was born. Committed to delivering the same no-limits adventure as those early Pedal Inn days, Dandyhorse continues the tradition of offering one-of-a-kind biking experiences that celebrate good food and creativity.

Since we started, we have welcomed nearly 4,000 guests between the ages of 8-80 from over 60 countries, all 50 states, and every background. We love meeting people and sharing our love for curiosity, culture, good food, good stories, and adventure with our guests and friends.

A curious name with a fascinating history…

Dandy Horse was the derogatory name given to the precursor of what was later developed into the modern bicycle. Think of the Dandy Horse as basically a goofy and ornate balance bike, like the kind kids learn on today.

The Dandy Horse was developed in response to the largest volcanic eruption in recorded history in 1815 of Mt. Tambora in Indonesia, which prevented summer from arriving in the northern hemisphere and led to global famines. Because horses were used as a food source, a German blacksmith created a strider bike to get around town. 

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This invention soon made its way to the UK where it became popular among the Dandies, at the time a term synonymous with mischief and masculinity. The “Dandy Horse” quickly captured the popular imagination. Those stylish and forward-thinking trendsetters started riding clubs, and their notorious exploits were greeted by much derision from respectable society who soon attempted to enact laws to curtail their adventures. The rest, as they say, is history, but the spirit, tradition, and adventure continue to this day on our dreamy bike tours. 

Check out this ace 1819 Children’s book chronicling the misadventures of a Dandy Horse rider.

A curated insider’s guide to our favorite places to eat, drink, and explore in the city

San Francisco Neighborhood Guide